Mission Statement

Authors First Promotions, LLP is a company aimed at providing authors, new and seasoned, social media branding with a goal of them becoming a household name. We view ourselves as best friends to our employees, clients and the writing community. That approach is made to secure a satisfying and long lasting relationship that will extend after our job is completed. The services we offer assure that the author is represented in the light in which they see themselves in. Our goal is to be the standard when an author is considering a company to represent them on social media.

Ayneka Scott

Business woman. Achiever. Creative. Life-long learner. Ayneka Scott is many things, but there’s one thing she isn’t, yet-the co-pilot on your literary journey. Authors First Promotions, LLP was born out of Ayneka’s passion to provide top notch customer service with a personalized touch; to give you an unique experience you’ll not only remember, but tell your friends about, too. As an author, she knows all too well the trials and obstacles ALL authors face on a daily basis when it comes to reaching their fan base. Her mission is to help the authors overcome whatever issues they are facing with patience, research and CONSISTENCY! Ayneka Scott welcomes you to the Authors First family and hopes you’ll stay for awhile!